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Where is Boeing’s next landing strip?

Boeing has recently decided to open up for some more diversity in the expansion of its aerospace industry. At this point half of the 171,000 employees of the aviation giant hail from Washington state. Up until now Boeing has looked to begin production of its 777x plane back in its usually territory, but now is searching for better offers on production. This will bring about the closing of Jobs and Washington and opening of about 20,000 jobs somewhere else if negotiations keep moving in the current direction of things. 


My own home city of Huntsville, Alabama is one of the big players in the process. Due to capability of production and an environment of doctors, engineers, technology companies, and rocket scientist it could be the next move. If this is the kind of criteria boeing is looking for as well as other benefits, could a nix to Jobs in Washington really put the economy there in a tizzy? You cold say that this is the beginning of a decision that could to turn Seattle into a bit of a Detroit. There are still large companies like google and amazon holding the city together, but could it be a downslide for at least their market on the transportation industry? The move puts billions of dollars of business and and stimulus wherever the ending stationing site takes place. So as the end of the week arrives the major offers from all over the country will come to a close. Could this even be a way to prod its own production homeland just to recalculate it current offers?