The new leader of the N.S.A. is planning on making changes in order to protect ourselves from cyber attacks and also to be able to participate in cyber warfare if needed. He had a interview with the press and made his ideas know to all and he discussed many of the problems they are facing now because of lack of ability to act in the cyber world. He made it clear that if we ever want to be able to stop or reduce the impacts of cyber attacks on the U.S. we need to be using the newest technology so when they do attack we can see where the attack is coming from and so we can stop it before it has its effects.

One thing he was able to do in the interview is deflect many of the negative comments and questions about the secretive operations of the previous N.S.A leaders. He made it clear that he would make his operations more open and showed that he didn’t agree with what had been done in the past. He believes that many of the conflicts in the world today can blame a large portion of it to cyber warfare. He is familiar with this and is doing everything he can to prepare the U.S. for attacks such as these.