Serious protest going on in Venezuela, but not serious enough. One of the most important qualities an uprising needs in order to be successful is unity. Venezuela is having lots of uprisings, revolts, rebellions, and riots, but unfortunately there are different groups with different agendas causing the riots. The lack of unity has made it virtually impossible for the rebellions to have any form of success and instead is strengthening the dictatorship. Every day citizens are becoming frustrated with the different rebellions that they are beginning to side with the current government.

The Current Government is fueling off of these rebellions gaining some approval from the people when they extinguish the rebellions with serious force. Venezuela’s economy is also in shambles with a 56% inflation rate one of the highest in the world. It is a real shame to see in a time more than ever where unity needs to be prevalent there are so many factions that it is causing a worse economy and hurting every single venezuelan.