Recently in Africa, a new type of market has opened up, affording those involved huge profits. The business is that of game breeding.Game breeding is when people breed animals specifically for the purpose of being hunted, such as buffalo or antelope in the case of Africa. The more unique the animal, the higher the profit made in the end. There has been some criticism from biologists who are concerned that breeding the animals for long horns or for certain types of hide will damage them and expose them to harmful genetic side effects.

However, it cannot be denied that the people operating these operations are getting a heavy pay off. This heavy pay off is influenced by number of factors, one reportedly being the recently weakening South African economy. Another very influential factor is that of the hunters’ money. Hunters from around the world come to Africa for the opportunity to hunt, and they aren’t afraid to pay big bucks to do it. Many today are more willing to pay higher prices than they ever have before just to be able to take a shot at one of Africa’s unique wildlife specimens. Pair the conversion of this high fee to the exchange rate in Africa, and you see high profits as a result. However, this might also be good for the African wildlife as well. African game breeders are well known for preventing extinction of certain animals. It is reported that the fees being made off of game breeding at this time provide for higher incentive and opportunity to further protect endangered animals from extinction. Only time will tell how this expanding business will effect Africa and the wildlife, but so far each area is seeing large benefits from game breeding.