If it seems as though it’s harder than ever to receive an acceptance letter from the United States top universities, then that notion is indeed correct. In this decade alone acceptance rates for the most prestigious colleges have decreased dramatically. There are several reasons for the decline of students being admitted to their choice schools. The country’s top high school scholars are now sending applications to not just a couple of schools, but all of the major universities that they think they might have a chance of attending. Applying to several schools is a safer bet for those that just want to be at any of the top universities. A secondary reason for the dip in admittance rates is the widespread reach of technology. The online application process is greatly facilitated compared to the preceding methods of applying. Teenagers are able to fill out the online portion with ease and then send their requests to a number of schools. The same is true on the other end as far as the university goes. Schools are utilizing all types of promotional techniques to have their college gain notoriety. This includes email blasts and social media outreach.

The article highlighted the process for a teen named Isaac Madrid who applied to eleven different schools and spent $800 in application fees. In my mind this is an extreme case, but it may soon be the norm for the majority of hopeful college students. One things for sure, that I am definitely glad I’m past the stage of applying to colleges. I believe that the competition will only heat up more and more as the years roll on. The future effects that we can imagine will be both positive an negative. Positive because the brightest students will have a chance to excel and develop the education system further, but this could exclude the students that are on the cusp of getting into college and they fall behind. It will be apparent in the future whether or not there needs to be changes made to the university admittance system.