I have heard time and time again from both men and women in my life that “Women’s equality is not an issue anymore.” This topic is something that is outdating and that people, specifically women, just keep “beating a dead horse.”

The following article (http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/24/world/europe/spain-mayor-in-valladolid-inflames-debate-over-women.html?_r=0) from the New York Times gives great evidence as to prove the prominent issue that is still upon us. The following quotes are excerpts from the NYT article:

“Women, the mayor also suggested, should be more cautious about when and where they go out rather than expect the police to patrol every city park to protect them.”

“Eight women were killed last month by their husbands or former partners, the most deadly August in five years, according to the government.”

“Last month, a court overruled a contentious decision to cut the compensation to a woman who was raped in London because she had been drinking that night.”

“About 120 million girls and young women under the age of 20 have been raped or sexually assaulted, equivalent to one in 10, according to a recent study by Unicef.”


Do you think this isn’t an issue? I dare you to say no…..