In my gender and politics class earlier this week, we read a research publication entitled “Gendered Discourse in the Political Behavior of Adolescents.” In this publication, they wanted to measure whether gender discourse in Model UN is highly masculinized and if so, what effect does this have on its participants.

The results are as follows:

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 3.01.33 PM

– Male delegates took 1409 speaking turns, 67.6 percent of the 2082 turns recorded in committee deliberation.

-The vast majority of female delegates participated only minimally if at all, while a larger proportion of males took turns.

-Male delegates also spoke first, taking 72.0 percent of first turns, a proportion higher than that of overall turn-taking.

-The role of the chair is critical -> on average, male chairs recognized just over three male turns for each female turn, while on average female chairs recognized 1.67 male turns for each female turn.

-Female speakers were not treated differently by the delegates as compared to male speakers

-It appears the delegates did not alter their behavior based on whether the initial speaker was a female.

-A female chair presiding over the committee is significantly and positively associated with female turn-taking.

-Females are more likely to take turns in larger committees presumably because there are simply more females present.

What are your thoughts on this? How would your strategy going into a conference change, based on this research?