Imagine you are applying for graduate schools. You prepare for years, making sure your G.P.A. is on point, you work hard to build a good resume and you volunteer extensively to make sure you stand out from the crowd. You submit your perfectly structured essays (designed to touch your heart while stimulating your mind) and off go your applications. Now all you can do is anxiously wait for responses, the responses that hold the rest of your future in their hands.

You finally get a reply; you have been accepted to one of the top schools in the country! You are ecstatic and quickly call your mom and significant other to tell them the good news. You even being to look for apartments. A few days later you received a frightful email, you were accepted in error! You were actually rejected. Your life, hopes and dreams shatter instantly and you are left in a puddle of tears.

Does this seem a little outrageous? Well this is exactly what happened to 800 Carnegie Mellon hopefuls. The university sent out 800 accidental acceptance letters to people who were not in fact accepted. After realizing the scope of their error they retracted the acceptances and informed the hopefuls that they were indeed rejected. Now should a school renowned for it’s amazing technology have had such a foolish technological error? What do you think the school should have done? Should they have upheld their acceptances or maybe they should have avoided the error to begin with.

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