After much debate over how to regulate the Internet, President Obama and many net activists like the oatmeal,  the F.C.C. declared that the internet is a public utility prohibiting use of fast lanes. This has been a very long and heated debate. The idea behind net neutrality is that some companies think that introducing new fast lanes that come with a premium and slowing down those that are “basic” with no or minimal fee.

“Oh yes, because look at cable companies. That worked great for them. Oh, you can have 500,000 channels, I mean you could have them but it depends on your subscription. We have basic, premium and luxury, we can even through in a tablet or a cell phone to make you feel happy. But we will regulate how much you use, when to bill, and if you could get out of our contract.”

During the past years there have come to light different cable and internet provider companies that bully not only their clients but other companies. For example Comcast vs. Netflix. Comcast wanted a premium from Netflix because so many people were using their bandwidth. So Comcast slowed down Netflix to a crawl and Netflix had to pay up.

The internet is a place where new information and technologies are created. A place where information runs because is not controlled by a government, except for China and North Korea, but look at how great it is going for them.