This week, Donald Trump called for a ban on all Muslim immigrants. This has sparked a large amount of hatred and malice. There have been many people who have compared him to Hitler himself comparing this to the time when Hitler banned the Jews.

However, there has also been speculation that this is just what our country needed. An idea so crazy that it finally gets people to take some sort of preventative action.

Meanwhile, Trump issued another statement today defending his statement and brought up President Roosevelt and how during and post- WWII there was the classification of “enemy aliens” for those that were German, Italian or Japanese. For most Americans, this only brings back bad memories and not ones of success.

Ms. Morawetz stated in the New York Times, “It would be particularly bizarre to have an immigration test based on religion given that the country was founded by people who were fleeing religious persecution.”

Do you all think that Trump has taken things to far? How will his opponents react and will his percentage in the polls decrease because of this?