Monday, Donald Trump announced his new plan to prevent terrorist attacks from happening in America, to stop all Muslims from entering the country till the nation’s leaders can “figure out what is going on.” This announcement came the day after Obama encouraged Americans to not turn against Muslims, even in this time of trial. Many Americans were outraged by this and many religious groups sided with Muslim-Americans against Trump’s statement. Believing that saying such a thing is comparable to acts performed in World War II.  While some other GOP supporters suggested that Trump proposing such a strong idea will begin to show people how large the problem actually is and how dangerous it is. This statement has already done negative things to Trump’s campaign.

Is there any sense whatsoever in Trump’s very strong statement? It’s already hard enough already to gain refugee status in America, how would this idea affect that? What would this do to Muslims already living in America? How do you think Muslim-American’s feel about this, and now about the presidential election in general?

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