I generally love President Kagame, and all that he has done for Rwanda, and I kept denying theories that he would run again for President. Which is why this makes me so sad.

It was announced today (December 9th) in several online news agencies that Rwanda is going to hold a referendum on December 18th, next week, to amend the constitution or not in a way which would allow current President Paul Kagame to run again as president. On the 17th, Rwandans outside the country will have a chance to vote, and on the 18th those in the country will be allowed to vote. The change would allow the current president to run for an additional 7 year term. It then cuts the term of the president to only 5 years, but that will not take effect until  2024 and then it would reinstate the two-term limit for President. At that point, Mr. Kagame could run for two more 5 year presidential terms, and potentially be in office until 2034 when he is 77 years old. Although President Kagame has not explicitly said he would run again in 2017, he has said that he will consider the move if the referendum is approved.