Women, no doubt, make fantastic leaders across all facets of business, education, and government, to list a few. We need more of their contribution in all phases and stages of international peace and security. That said, Foreignpolicy.com concerningly reported, on January 26, that one female leader decided to take her influence in a different direction; jihadist, Umm Isa al-Amrikiah, has joined the ranks of Islamic State recruiters and is calling all out all Muslim men, inciting them to, “get off their couches and kill” Westerners. Said female claims to be American and has been a point of contact for facilitating the recruitment of women into the Islamic State.


Since the war in Syria began, an estimated 4,500 foreign fighters have joined the conflict, over 1/10th of them being women between the ages of 16-24. The saddest part is, most women recruited into the Islamic State end up becoming sex slaves “at best” that no one hears from again. Reading this article was shocking and saddening, all at the same time, and calls into question just what role, if any, will women play in the leadership of terrorist organization for the future?