According to European Union officials, Greece has neglected to guard its external borders, which may open up the way for two years of temporary border checks in Europe due to an influx of migrants from Syria. Austria, Germany, France, Denmark, and Sweden have already begun instituting border checks.

This information of Greece’s border regulation is critical for Europe’s passport-free areas. Europeans are now questioning if borders will now stay passport free, with the new discovery. The discovery was based on unannounced visits to the borders of Turkey and Greece where it was documented that fingerprint scanning was not entered into systems and travel documentation was not being properly checked. This information has instilled a “neighborhood watch” mentality amongst European countries, with efforts to watch out for their own country’s safety.

Officials in Greece say that the country is doing as best as it can to honor its obligations to the EU and to protect its own citizens. How would you feel if your country was not screening who came in and out?


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