By now many people know who the Zika Virus is. It is a disease that has become increasingly seen throughout the world, especially South America in Brazil. It is a virus that is connected to birth defects in babies that is transmitted through Mosquitoes. The people in Brazil are becoming increasingly alarmed with the rise in the virus. What is scary is that the virus can also be taken by people to different parts of the world. The virus is deadly, so the thought that the disease can be taken to the whole world through things like Carnival or the Olympic games is scary.

People don’t expect the W.H.O. or the World Health Organization to tell people not to come to the games. Leaders in Brazil are optimistic that thing will be better by the time of the games. What will the games be like if the epidemic continues in Brazil? If it is still a serious issue when June comes around how will people deal with it? The whole world could be effected by this disease if not treated correctly. If it still is an issue this summer should the games be moved for the safety of the athletes and tourists involved? Maybe, the games should be canceled because the risk is too high of the spread of this virus. Whatever happens, we must be careful to not spread the virus on a global scale.