This article details France’s most recent step forward: drawing attention to the Israel-Palestine conflict. While nations everywhere continue to focus on ISIS, this is an unexpected yet important move of bringing another critical issue to the forefront of the international agenda. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius made the announcement, stating that France plans to organize an international conference to discuss the futures of Israel and Palestine after resolving the conflict. Should the measures fail, France plans to follow suit of Sweden – recognizing Palestine as an independent state.

I think this is a very important step, and a very important conflict that must be resolved. But, Israeli representatives had made a very good point; the predisposition that France will recognize Palestine as an independent state may make Palestinian leaders hesitant to negotiate seriously. Why negotiate when France has already said that Palestine will be recognized?

Will this international conference be a success? Are there better strategies to resolve the conflict? Will France’s statement make negotiation less successful?