Fandango, the leading online movie ticket sale website, is about to face a new competitor that is predicted to overtake the market. Walt Disney Co., Twentieth Century Fox, and Lions Gate Entertainment Corp are three of the worlds largest studios that have funded over 50 million dollars to the startup Atom Tickets. Their new idea to bring more sales to the movie industry is to provide group and discount pricing, along with discounts on popcorn and soda purchases.

The real issue that studios and theatres across America are looking to solve is whether or not Atom Tickets can bring in more sales. Over the past decade, sales have continued to decrease due to consumers looking and leaning more to technology. The question that Atom Tickets has brought to the table is whether or not they will be able to bring sales up again? Will movie sales ever increase again or will new movie screenings eventually be available online? It is interesting to ponder about how technology is changing the world. Common activities that have been popular for decades, such as going to a movie theatre, is now threatened by online media. Let’s just hope that Atom Tickets can help revive the theatre business, bringing sales to an all new high.