Nancy Jo Sales

A Month ago a 13 year old girl from Virginia was murdered by a suspected friend over social media. They communicated over the messaging app Kik, which “offers its users
anonymity.” Due to this event an increase in social media concern has risen and many are beginning to draw attention to these crimes. Nancy Jo Sales has written a book called “American Girls” which examines the effects that social media are having on American girls.  Being a compilation of over 200 interviews, Sales writes about the social stress that technology is placing on girls from all backgrounds. “One of the things that continually struck me was the similarity of girls’ experiences on social media” Sales said. Her research found the underlying theme of sexism against women in social media where a male-dominant culture is being created. An increase in female pornography, material that appears as female violence, and continual female harassing exemplify this theory and increases her concerns of the female image being portrayed in a developing cyber culture.

The cyber world is rapidly evolving and it is consuming in most lives today. Many argue there are numerous benefits to the increase in technology and social media use, saying it is a way to stay connected with those you care about, but when does it become too much? Not only is there a stress and pressure that comes from the constant social media image, but if there is a said “male dominion” over social media will it be detrimental to the future female generations?