Co-founder of Nike, Philip Knight pledged 400 million toward Stanford scholars This is the largest donation to a University from a single donor.  Knight discussed how once he was made aware of the potential of the donation he jumped on board straight away.  This donation will go towards solving what he referred to being two of the most severe problems in the world, which are poverty and climate change.  Knight addressed that he is not naive and knows that this donation will not fix the worlds problems, however he does believe that educating people to make a significant difference in trying to solve those problems is a very realistic goal.  Whether or not you agree with Knight’s position it is hard to deny the positive actions he has put forth in making a positive impact around the globe.  Knight is a very successful individual and is doing his part to be a positive global citizen.  Often we critique actions like these and questions the intentions of the individual, however we neglect to give the respect that these individuals deserve.  There are many individuals who are in the news making contributions where this is not the case and there intentions are not to truly help others, which makes this task difficult.  Like the old saying states, “it is easy to judge a book by its cover,” if we are desiring to be the positive global citizens we expect these individuals to be we must look beyond the cover and respect the effort these individuals are putting forth.