The conflict in Syria is one that has been a war zone for years and since 2011 has escalated in warfare.  These attacks have worked its way towards an attack of hospitals and the medical field.  For obvious reason this is bringing great stress to the medical world.  The US and Russia have been known actors in this crisis for quite awhile and are now working together in order to put an end to the conflict.  This has taken place with the signing of a cease-fire.  Following this agreement there has been a noticeable change in the number of attacks and casualties in Syria.  Although there has been a decrease in the amount of attacks and casualties it has not been illuminated.  Actor have been seen making accusations against each other for violating the cease-fire agreement, however due to a lack of information it is unclear the sources of these attacks.  Terrorist organizations have also been seen as a potential source to these attacks, however the question of whether these actors are involved in such attacks arise.  These recent episodes are just another event of many that having been occurring for years.  Due to the lack of information or credibility it is hard to make any progress in this war.