Starbucks will be entering the Italian Market. Howard D. Schultz, Chairman and chief executive of Starbucks, announced that Starbucks would open in Italy next year. Mr. Schultz stated that the decision to open a Starbucks in Italy, a country known for their coffee, has been always been a dream of his. However, what looks like a typical business venture is much more than it seems and may even is a concern of international relations. From the beginning the concern about opening up a Starbucks has caused a stir because many have not wanted it to appear as though American has come in to “save” the Italians coffee. Many Italians take great pride in their countries coffee and many may think this is America’s way of trying to jeopardize the small businesses in Italy. Granted, this is not likely to be an issue of global importance but it does beg the question of “Should America insert its influence into the market of other countries?”