Violence in many regions in Syria significantly decreased. According to New York Times “The United States and Russia have invested considerable political capital in the truce, although it has not been formally signed by either the Syrian government or its opponents. It is the first such attempt since a United Nations-brokered truce in April 2012 that broke down within hours.” There are still many contradictions of how it will be monitored. I was waiting for that moment for a very long time. I really hope that neither side will violate the agreements. It is a huge step forward. It might help to create other documents. 

It is a very important step in the Syrian settlement, but there are still many unresolved problems. Truce will not affect terrorist groups fighting in Syria. Terrorist organizations were excluded from the truce terms. It could be a logical and rational decision, because we cannot trust terrorists. I hope that all sides will avoid any provocations. All parties must show responsibility and tranquility. In my personal opinion, accusations of provocations should be stopped, because it will not lead to deescalation. Negotiations between the parties must continue, because ISiS still controls certain parts of Syria and separatists did not achieve agreements with current Syrian government. I think that separatists and Syrian government should reach consensus in a close future.





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