29levi-webALT-master675This article focused on Bernie Sanders as a father. He has three step-children who were older when he met them, but just one biological child, Levi. Soon after Levi’s birth, Sanders and his girlfriend broke up, and Sanders began life as a single, part-time father. But he was dedicated. He had been studying child psychology and working with children in schools, mental hospitals, even taking groups out on camping trips, for years. Levi called him by his first name. He taught Levi to run cross-country and play basketball. He always encouraged Levi to be a part of the adult conversation. Although Sanders’ house was messy and he alternated between odd jobs such as laying tile and producing very low-budget films about historical figures (sometimes using Levi’s toy robot for sound effects), these things never have seemed to strain their relationship. Levi has been a consistent and positive part of his father’s national image and private life.

I found this article very interesting. I’m not really sure what the journalist’s angle or purpose was. Was it to boost Sanders in the public eye? Or simply to provide an interesting cover story? Was it to portray Sanders as too radical to be president? I couldn’t tell. But it definitely made me more interested in Sanders as a candidate. And mostly, his ideas about parenting, child psychology, and psychosomatic cancer—all of which were addressed in the article—gripped me. Psychosomatic cancer refers to cancer that is triggered or influenced by our very own psychology. Sanders studied repressed emotions as a cause of cancer. The gospel has taught me to handle my emotions in a healthy way, so my mission was the first time I realized that anger, hate, resentment, and disappointment rule so many people’s minds and lives. These things fester in our spirits just like an infected wound, and the spirit and body are connected at every sinew. I think that negative emotions or ways of seeing the world and processing what happens to us can definitely cause or contribute to cancer.