As U.S. presidential candidates continue to give tough rhetoric on immigration out on the campaign trail, Mexico has decided to be proactive in finding alternative solutions. One of the headlines of this presidential election has been Donald Trump emphatically proclaiming that we will build a wall along our southern border and Mexico will pay for it. Trump claims a 58 billion dollar trade deficit with Mexico will pay for the wall.

This article explains a recent comment maid by the Mexican President’s chief of staff Francisco Guzmán. Guzmán states,”the Mexican government would use its system of consulates across the U.S. to publicize the benefits of the bilateral relationship to American businesses and the general public.” Mexico is doing this to try to improve diplomatic relations with its biggest ally and trade partner. Without American companies outsourcing manufacturing to Mexico, the Mexican economy would really be struggling. For this reason, the Mexican government wants more bridges built to increase trade even more between the two countries.

While I personally agree that we need to secure the border, I do not believe that Mexico has the money or obligation to pay for it. Since 1976, the United States has been running in a trade deficit so this in no way justifies Mexico building our wall. Mexico is one of our biggest trade allies. I support all legal trade and legal immigration with Mexico. That being said, illegal immigration is a problem that needs to be solved because it is a threat to our national security. I believe that a wall is the most effective way to curb illegal immigrants from crossing the border. As a taxpayer, I would be willing to pay for it. Would you?