Tensions are high between Israelis and Palestinians in West Bank. But on Monday, violence arose between the two groups after two Israeli soldiers were led astray by their navigation app. While armed and driving their military vehicle, their Waze app led them into a Palestinian area where they were suspected for being part of a raid, and were promptly attacked. A 22-year old Palestinian man was shot and killed in the violence that resulted. The spokesman for the Israeli military stated that, “they should be using maps, and they should know the route.”

We have all been in a similar situation- Google Maps, Waze, or another navigation app leads us to a dead end, or to an address that doesn’t exist. It is frustrating and at times humorous. But who knew that a glitch in an app could lead to someone being killed? This event has caused me to think about how much we rely on technology. As the spokesman said, they should have used a map if they did not already know the way. Technology is convenient. But perhaps we allow our common sense to slip at times believing that an app, Siri, or Google can quickly take care of our problem. Have we become too reliant on our smartphones? Or do we simply need to hold on tight to our common sense as well as our phone?