Climate change is a very heated argument in all parts of the world. Both sides are vehement that facts are with them and they have to moral obligation to destroy the opposed argument. Many say it is caused by human pollution, although this point is disputed.

But we have examples of terrible pollution. And it only seems to be getting worse. New Delhi is the has been deemed the most polluted city in the world and it continues to decline. The article shows a number of kindergartners arriving to the first day of school is brightly colored masks with interesting designs. These masks have become more of a fashion statement than a cause for concern.

My question is when we will say enough is enough? How can we continue to allow this type of pollution to affect future generations. New Delhi may be the worst, but it is by no means alone. Even here in Happy Valley the smog at times can seem overwhelming.

Climate change may not be caused solely by human pollution, but we are killing ourselves without the help of a ever heating Mother Earth.

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