Many would like to ban Donald Trump from running for any office right now due to his bombastic, crude attitude. His political messages could be interpreted as a form of hate speech against women, hispanics, and minorities in general. However in Germany, the government has the power to actually ban political parties if they violate the constitution.

A legal case has just begun against a minority party, the National Democratic Party or NPD. They are being reviewed by Germany’s highest court, to see if their message falls under a combination of hate-speech, anti-semitism and general anti-minority messages. Some believe that the NPD is receiving federal funding for neo-Nazi propaganda, wanting to create a state where there is no place for immigrants. Germany has banned political parties in the past, but not since the German Communist Party in 1956, so this would be a big move politically.

What do you think? Should governments have the power to ban political parties? From the perspective of someone in the United States, that seems like a violation of freedom of speech and expression. Germany clearly has a very different history, and as a result, a very different constitution. Should Germany ban this party? Would this have implications for other countries across the world? Is it the government’s job to select the parties able to govern? How should Germany move forward? Feel free to leave your thoughts below.

Story and picture from The Washington Post.