Death is hard. It doesn’t get any easier the more the count goes up. But in some cases it is necessary. At least it is preferable to the the alternative. Here’s one case where death seems like the best option:

US officials confirmed this weekend that 150 Shabab fighters who were preparing to come against an American/ African alliance. Recently the Shabab has been trying to reclaim lost territory and prominence by attacking public places and military outposts. They seem to be regaining strength after an American attack in 2014 wiped out their head leaders.

The fighters were in a graduation ceremony at the time of the attack. Ironically, in a moment of glory they were bombed. It seems brutal, but in my opinion its necessary.

We must continue to attack. If we can’t put “boots on the ground” then we must continue to bomb their strongholds. We can falter, these moments are extremely important. These are the times when things my turn in our favor.

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