According to New York Times, the North Korean leader “has urged his military to have its nuclear warheads deployed and ready to be fired at any moment.” it is a very serious statement. New issues between Pyongyang and international community started as a result of nuclear tests in January and possible missile launch in February. I think that every country should be aware of that decision, because if nuclear attack occurs, it will affect the whole world. It is a very serious issue. Recently, new sanctions were applied against North Korea. The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un stated that “the only way for defending the sovereignty of our nation and its right to existence under the present extreme situation is to bolster up nuclear force, both in quality and quantity, and keep balance of forces.” North Korea may feel threatened, especially if in a close future United States and South Korea will start military training.

Even though, North Korea pursuit aggressive politics, in my personal opinion we should not try isolate Pyongyang from international community. All countries around the world should negotiate with North Korea, in order to avoid confrontations. Problems with North Korea remain unsolved, because sanctions pushed North Korea towards more aggressive policies. In my humble opinion, some of the sanctions should be dropped, because people in North Korea suffer from those restrictions. Economic situation in North Korea are pretty devastating and we cannot let people die from starvation. By dropping certain sanctions, we will help millions of people. I hope that in a very close future United States, South Korea and other nations will reach consensus with North Korea.



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