Doors for implementing sustainable energy were figuratively flung open on Monday for Seychelles with the launch of the Mauritius Commercial Bank’s (MCB) green loan initiative. These loans are directed towards individuals and companies wishing to join the business world, but “apart from providing the financial benefits of the projects, clients need to provide the ecological benefits of their project,” said Ng Tseung, MCB’s Chief Executive. Until this point, the initial contribution to invest in renewable energy had been a significant barrier for interested businesses.


These new loan opportunities strengthen Seychelles’ ability to pursue their objectives in becoming more environmentally friendly. Global warming and green energy are hot topics around the world, and this is a great example of how financial institutions working across international borders can make a real difference.

Another notable benefit from the MCB green loan initiative is the resulting attitude and culture shift. People are starting to provide valuable incentives for developing renewable resources and this is helping establish a more proactive attitude towards protecting the world. Hopefully these attitudes will help different nations find more common ground on which they can collaborate and improve the way we live.

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