The huge movement of migrants from Syria has led to increased emigration in other nations, especially in Turkey. In turn, there has also been an increase in migrant deaths as the people get more and more desperate to leave. A particularly prevalent danger is the sea routes that have become popular among individuals emigrating from Turkey to Greece. In this last weekend alone 18 people drowned off the Turkish coast, and there have already been over 300 deaths this year on similar routes.

And what it the European Union doing to solve the problem? Well, it seems like nothing but arguing so far about where the responsibility lies. Some effort has been made to try and convince Turkey to lower their rate of emigration in exchange for resettlement of Syria Refugees outside of Turkey, the progress however seems slow. Thankfully though, NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization) has agreed to patrol the Aegean Sea between Turkey and Greece, while the rest of the European nations decide how to move forward. The NATO’s help is not a permanent solution, however, and the European Union will have to come up with an agreement soon to this pressing problem. At least in the meantime though, a few desperate emigrates can be saved.