For the past decade, Burger King has been jumping around trying to find it’s identity in the “fast food” market. Finally, they have been able to find what works best for Burger King and their customers, showing positive trends towards the future.

In the past, they have been trying new products, testing them with customers time and time again. Changes in the last 10 years to it’s permanent menu, along with countless promotional offers has really marked this well-known company as uncertain in constant future growth. Sales have fluctuated from increasing revenues to decreasing revenues over the years, with no common trend whatsoever. What is the problem then with Burger King? What is causing this “standstill”?

The primary cause, as stated by the Wall Street Journal, is that they have not been able to stand on their own, making an identity for themselves. They have constantly copied ideas trying to implement them into their own menus/procedures along with other failed marketing attempts. Two examples include how Burger King copied McDonalds trying to show more healthy options such as salads, smoothies, low-fat fries, etc. This failed due to low customer demand. Second, they decided to focus only on young males, which failed in the recession, since this was the primary group that was affected. What was the fix? Copy other fast food chains and create a menu that attracts all ages.

Is this a problem that not just Burger King faces, but other businesses too? Perhaps economies as a whole throughout the world? Is the problem not so much due to lack of proper management, but rather what is best for that specific company, state, or country? As Burger King found out the hard way through years upon years of failed attempts, going back to your roots and finding what is best for yourself is better than just copying other ideas around them.

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