After a high-level meeting, Chinese officials are preparing to send military aid to Afghanistan as China’s stakes in Afghanistan increase. This comes as China has faced shrinking levels of security and as ISIS has continued its growth across the region. Although their proposed $70 million package may be considered small, (for instance, the US has spent billions of dollars for Afghanistan’s security) it is a step in the right direction as China becomes more involved with the fighting near their western border. It is believed that the Taliban in Afghanistan now control up to a third of the country and with nearby Chinese investments, the government has decided to take more action in securing the area. With relations slightly improving, US and Chinese military officials have recently been coordinating together to push for Afghan peace. The Taliban claims to have good ties with Chinese leaders and the US is hoping that those relations will allow the Chinese to bring the Taliban to the table to talk. Hopefully this interaction will provide a foundation that US and Chinese leaders can use for further coordination in addressing the numerous other needs concerning ISIS and even the current refugee crisis.

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