Remember KONY 2012?  Yeah, me too. How long did that actually last? Eh, a few weeks. Did the “movement” end because of success? Because the problem was solved? Unfortunately, no.

Luckily, today the U.S. took another step against Joseph Kony and the group he has led for about thirty years: the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). The Treasury expanded and broadened the sanctions in place in addition to, for the first time, putting the group on a financial blacklist. This prohibits American interaction of any sort with the group and freezes any assets the group may have within the states.

The LRA’s tactics are what make the group so unique… and so devastating. Their use of child soldiers, in the words of LRA Crises Tracker manager Paul Ronan, has seen a “disturbing upward trend.” From using these children as sex slaves and front-line combatants, the LRA stops at nothing.

Personally, this action is long overdue. I think the U.S. should be doing much more to stop the use of children in combat, no matter what their role is. To be frank, I am astounded that this is still an issue – that the U.S. has diverted focus to other issues, and four years later, it is still a growing problem.

Should the U.S. do more? If so, what? If not, why? Share your thoughts. Read it here.