Current Republican front-runner Donald Trump is unlike any other. As a candidate, his ways are far from conventional. While most candidates attempt to show their firmness in never changing political stances, Trump openly changes many of his stances. Candidates are normally politically correct in their answers to questions. Trump is blunt and never hesitates in explaining what he feels. Many have questioned his character to be President. As more controversy surrounds his campaign with negative ads, personal attacks, and vulgar language, Trump defies the norm and continues to win primaries and caucuses by widening margins.

Despite this success, many polls cited in this article show that a large portion of the Republican Party have a negative opinion of Trump. More specifically, the leaders of the party have openly opposed Trump leading the party including last election’s nominee Mitt Romney. Trump’s character flaws and past business mistakes have been highlighted. Unfortunately for Republican leadership, the majority of voters continue to vote for Trump. If the trend continues and Trump receives the necessary 1,237 delegates for the nomination, Republicans will be forced to make a tough decisions. Will they change their mind and rally behind Trump as the nominee?  Do they have any other alternative without giving the election away to Hillary Clinton? Do you think Trump will win the nominee or somebody else would be nominated at a contested convention?