The electronic revolution brought us many things–computers, phones, emails, and (my personal favorite) emojis.

We all love emojis, but have you even taken a moment to look though the standard selection? The standard iPhone selection has 8 pages with 40 emojis per page making a total of 320 emojis. These range from plants and other sorts of shrubbery to confetti to mailboxes and a plethora of human characters. Most of the female emoji characters focus on looks. There’s a woman in a red dress showing off her left leg, a pair of women in black leotards and bunny ears, and a woman in a wedding veil. Strangely enough, all of the male emoji are fully dressed–doing activates such as mountain biking, snowboarding, etc.

I’m sure whoever made the selection of emojis chose to put the emojis they believed our society would use and relate to the most. Is that how our society sees gender roles? Do women run around in black leotards with bunny ears while men ride bikes down mountains? I never noticed the difference in gender roles on my iPhone until I read this article, but there does definitely seem to be theme.