Last week the New York Times published an article demonstrating how developed artificial intelligence is becoming.  On Wednesday March 9, a game of “Go,” one of the most complex Asian board games ever invented, was played between South Korean Go master Lee Sedol and Goggle DeepMind’s AlphaGo. The result of the match, the computer beat the renowned Sedol 1-0. So confident in his abilities, Sedol never thought artificial intelligence would outplay his human intelligence.

Demis Hassabis the founder of AlphaGo said this was a monumental moment for artificial intelligence. For Sedol he said “Go is a game that takes human intuition” which is something AlphaGo does not have. What he wasn’t aware of is that AlphaGO has gained strength by narrowing its options based on past games it has played, there is no style, strategy, or psychology for the opponent to “feel,” therefore, being void of emotion played to the A.I.’s advantage.  While this was a mile stone many scientists still think A.I. has much more growing to do to become like that of human intelligence. However, the capabilities of A.I. are quickly growing as now it can understand speech and vision. Some say machines are taking over the world. I wonder if creating a machine to be more intelligence than humans is dangerous. If they can out think us, how will we be able to control it? The growth in technology truly is amazing but can it be taken too far?  Is there a point where A.I. should be stopped? Or do you think this victory marks a milestone worth developing and pursuing further?