Yesterday, another terrorist attack happened in the world, this time in the country of the Ivory Coast. 3 men opened fire on peaceful and innocent picnickers and swimmers at a beach resort. 16 were killed and their bodies were left on the bloodstained sand. 14 of them were civilians and the others were in the special forces. The 3 men who carried out the attack were praised by terrorist group. This attack was a reminder that unrest in the nation is not totally in the past.

What makes this so sad is that it was such a simple attack, but it still happened. It was as simple as 3 guys walking in and then shooting bullets into a crowd. Why is it still so hard to control these attacks. It is so sad that innocent people were killed for no real reason. There were people killed in the attack that weren’t citizens of the Ivory Coast. There was a French and German citizen that was killed while on vacation.

Things like this need to stop. We need to make major moves to stop terrorism in our world. As we know, it will not be easy and many will say it is impossible. It is an effort that needs to be done as a team. Countries must work together to stop the killing of innocent people. People won’t be able to live in peace until this is done.