As the war in Syria shows little sign of ending, citizens in this war-torn region continue to live in desperate conditions in an attempt to survive. From the outside looking in, the globe understands the conflict but knows little about the tragic measures these victims have to go through daily. The Save the Children organization recently released a report detailing these tragic stories of survival in a time of utter chaos.  This report contains detailed recounts of malnourished children eating animal feed and leaves to fill their hunger,volunteers with little to no medical background performing surgeries by candlelight using water hoses as ventilation tubes, and medical workers using catheter bags to administer I.V. fluids to newborns because they lack proper supplies.

Cut off from the world amid this violent conflict, these individuals have had to live in these dismal conditions for approximately six years. While these strong individuals highlight the resilience of human spirit, they cannot be allowed to continue living this way for much longer. An estimated 470,000 million people have already been killed in this conflict and unless this issue is quickly resolved, this number will continue to rise. While solving the root of this issue is still the world’s united long term goal, the immediate condition of these people should to be a larger priority for the U.N.