Earlier today. Kim Jong-un announced to a North Korean news agency that he was preparing to conduct another nuclear test in addition to a test flight of ballistic missiles, supposedly capable of carrying nuclear war heads. This action would be in clear defiance of the U.N. Security Council’s sanctions, resulting from the previous tests. In his words, Kim Jong-un’s aims are to “further enhance the reliance of nuclear attack capability.”

How comforting.

However, how many times has North Korea threatened to launch “pre-emptive strikes” against the U.S.? How many times has North Korea bragged about its nuclear capabilities?

How many times has North Korea cried wolf?

Do you think there is a reason to be concerned about the developing nuclear program in North Korea? Or is it another empty threat? North Korea blatantly ignores the U.N. sanctions… so what else can be done to stop them? Personally, we need a better enforcing mechanism. What was the penalty for withdrawing from the NPT? Sanctions? But what have those done to stop them from continuing to try?

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