Carefully laid plans to “repackage” the Republican Party traditions and values came crashing down on Tuesday when Senator Marco Rubio announced he was dropping out of the presidential race.

RubioRubio’s fall comes just weeks after many others who dropped out of the race began advocating for conservative reforms. “Rubio was ready and briefed on policy, that’s for sure, but I just think he never connected,” said former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is friendly with Trump. “He sounded like someone who was trying to be a lot for a lot of people. That’s hard to do.”

Now, for many in the Republican Party, “Trump represents a threat to the traditional order of the party and its platform.” However, there’s not much left that can be done to stop Trump, so it looks like the race will come down to Trump and Clinton. I guess we’ll see what happens when America starts turning away from traditional order and even from conservative reform within the Republican Party.