What do you think of when you hear that an ex-President could be avoiding a jail sentence by becoming a cabinet member for the new President? It smells fishy to me. Lula Silva was President until 2012, and until then was wildly popular. In January when Paulo Sotero, who is the director of the Brazil Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, came to BYU to speak on Brazil he only had great things to say about Lula. He helped Brazil grow economically and become a bigger player on the International stage. This is in contrast to the new President, Dilma Rousseff who is very unpopular. In this article it is revealed that Lula is facing allegations for money laundering. The irony is that Paulo Sotero mentioned that one of Lula’s greatest victories was tearing down the corruption that is so rampant in Brazil.
It seems the scandal continues as Lula is not only avoiding the allegations, but is doing so by joining Rousseff’s cabinet where he would enjoy special judicial standing where he would only be able to be tried by Brazil’s highest court, the Supreme Federal Tribunal.
At this point, it must be discouraging for Brazilian’s to see whose hands their nation is in. Rousseff has also recently been faced with impeachment due to budget inconsistencies. The underlying problem seems to be that a good-standing, moral person likely has no chance of getting into a position of political power because the corruption is so deep. The only hope I can see for Brazil is that the people as a whole come together next election and force change upon their current government.