Yesterday, the news told of some migrants who forded a river from Greece to reach Macedonia because they were told that they would be admitted to Greece in that way. The news today though, is that the migrants were mislead by unidentified people passing out Arabic leaflets telling of an unguarded part of the border where they could get in. These migrants risked their lives, some of which were taken, and crossed the river helping each other pass infants and young children across. An sad image of a people who are just desperate to obtain the basic needs that every human deserves. And yet today they were returned to Greece from Macedonia after they had risked life to get there in a last ditch effort. So they who risked it all not only didn’t get anything but lost things instead. The concept seems to go against all the inspiring words we were fed as children, that we should go after dreams and fight for ourselves. If we risk it something will come out of it. But the thing is risk is still risk. So my question is are we as humans able to decrease the risk of risk by being more humane. That is to say if we would work together more as a world community would there be less people who are required to take such risks or would we just be opening ourselves up for more conflict?


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