New York Times stated that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin “on Monday ordered the withdrawal of the “main part” of Russian forces in Syria, a surprise move that reflected what he called the Kremlin’s achievement of nearly all its objectives in the war-torn country.” We can say that this decision surprised many Western countries, it may change political situation in Syria. More than five months ago Russia claimed that they will fight ISIS in Syria as well as all their operations will be conducted under control of Syrian government.


The authors of the article made an interesting claim, “Mr. Putin has achieved many of his main goals: bringing Russia back to center stage as a global power; preventing, on principle, regime change by outside powers, particularly Western ones; gaining a stronger foothold in Syria; picking off Russian jihadists on the Syrian battlefield; and strengthening Mr. Assad.” Unfortunately, the authors of the article only mentioned Western opinion of why Russia went to Syria. Russian officials are keep saying that Russia went to Syria in order to attack ISIS and their main priority was to defeat terrorism. I believe that Mr. Assad should stay in power, because we cannot let Syria suffer a bigger chaos. In a past decades United States was not able to establish democratic governments in many Middle Eastern countries. We should negotiate with a current government of Syria. There are many issues around the world, in my humble opinion, all these issues can be solved only on the basis of peaceful coexistence of different cultures. We should pursue the transformation to a new level of spiritual perfection of mankind. Countries failed to form a powerful coalition and defeat ISIS, I think we should stop ISIS, but it is impossible to accomplish without unification.


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