Recently, a Staff Sgt. in the U.S. Marines was fatally wounded by the Islamic State in an artillery deployment. For some time now, the U.S. has just been defensive about all their measures regarding the situation with ISIS, but since their new offensive attacks over cyberspace, maybe the United States is beginning their big offensive attack against the Islamic State. This deployment of artillery is another sign of what is to come.

For months  now, special force teams have been conducting air strikes on different hot spots of ISIS, and this is the first known move to attack by ground force. As is typical with the Marines, they are the front lines of battle. They were stationed closest to the front lines, only 12 miles away from ISIS stations. Unfortunately, they are in range of missile attacks, which was the case when one Marine was fatally wounded.

The Wall Street Journal said, “The Marines now are only authorized to fire the four 155 mm artillery pieces as defensive measures, but Col. Warren didn’t rule out the possibility of using them for offensive operations in the future.” What is to come then? Has the United States finally gained enough ground to perform more attacks on the Islamic State? Is it time to be on the offensive front instead of defensive? I am anxious to see how everything plays out and whether or not the U.S. and other allied nations are successful in taking out ISIS once and for all.

To read more, see the link below. I also want to acknowledge the bravery and loyalty of Sgt. Cardin who “rushed to get Junior Marines to cover before protecting himself and was then mortally wounded by a rocket.” What a strong and loyal military officer.