Chinese-Indonesia relations have taken a turn for the south on the South China Sea, where China claims the same part of the ocean that Indonesians claim. A Chinese fishing boat was detained by Indonesian authorities and during the process; China came and rammed the fishing boat in an aggressive effort to get it back. The Indonesians released it but held on to the crew-members. China claims that the place where it happened is a “traditional Chinese fishing ground”, while Indonesia claims it as happening within their exclusive economic zone. Neither side reacted very peacefully and tensions are high.

What could the significance of such an episode have on the grand scale of things? Tensions have been rising in the South China Sea for a long time between Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, and other countries. There have been multiple small events shaping the conflict but none have ever tipped the boat all the way. But maybe this could be the final straw that sends them over the edge. The reactions on both sides seems a bit exaggerated for the actual event itself, but maybe in context of the conflict of a whole it is showing the rising tensions among invested countries in exerting control