The terrorist attackers in Belgium seen in this article are very relaxed and casual. It shows how well trained they must be to carry out such a dramatic role. You can see that two of the members were wearing gloves only on their right hand possibly indicating that they were covering up triggers in those hands. They also had shaved their beards much closer than the typical ISIS member. Even though most members are told to have long beards these had shortly trimmed beards to better fit into the crowd. You can also see the suitcases in which the bombs were most likely carried.

My question from here is where do we go next to better protect our people from this situation. We already have strict security measures taking place to get into the airport after receiving your boarding pass. It is unlikely that a bomb can pass through any of those checkpoints. However, no one predicted the major vulnerability of the airport before the security checkpoint. The area where you check your bags has just as many people all gathered together with luggage being tossed around all over the place. What is the next step? Do we need to start the security check before you get into the terminal at all? This is a very tricky situation.

There will always be a line of people at some point in the process. Where do we take the chance to not be inspected and where is it safe to have a line of people. There are many things we can do to better prepare ourselves against these terrorists. One of the best things we can do is to band together our resources and fight the common enemy. The goal of ISIS is not only to take innocent lives but to strike fear in the population and divide our nations. We MUST come together and fight together.