After an increase in heaving drinking and violence over the spring break season, many cities in Florida have asked for change. To combat the rise of concerns the cities passed more than twenty ordinances preventing over drinking, rowdy behavior, and one of the biggest regulations was alcohol free beaches. The result of the regulations? A major decrease in population over the break. After the news was released students spread the word over social media, amplifying the opposition. Specifically Panama City Beach felt the response of the diminished crowd. 

Due to the major decrease in population many businesses complained about a decrease in revenue for the month some being down over 72%. because the crowd moved to other cities without regulation, they gained that financial revenue but with the cost of rowdy behavior and the aftermath of irresponsible students. In a society heavily influenced by the economy what is more important?  Financial growth and money, or the protection of the city and the avoidance of bad behavior? As a business owner I can see the positive effect spring breakers have on their business, but as a resident of the city, I would appreciate my safety and order of my town. It is a short amount of time, but it’s a week with prominent consequences.