Hotchkiss, Colorado is a town where the majority of it’s economy and jobs were provided by coal. It’s a through and through coal mining town, but with the national economic downturn, one of the major coal mines has been shut down and another has just announced bankruptcy and close –  and the town is struggling. When marijuana was legalized in Colorado in 2012, the town almost immediately banned the substance. But now, with everyone struggling so much and the need for cash flow at an extreme high, the citizens have begun to reconsider. The idea is that they can open some marijuana shops downtown  that will provide jobs and give a boost to the local economy. Opening such shops will draw in a lot more traffic. Since the legalization, Colorado has brought in nearly 1 billion dollars from sales, and Hotchkiss wants to do anything it can do help its citizens. Their unemployment rate is almost twice the national average. Soon, Hotchkiss will be holding a vote on whether or not to lift the marijuana ban. There seems to be great support in doing so, and it will be interesting to see if it passes and even more interesting to see if it really will help their situation.