Just days after a major suspect in the Paris attacks was arrested, jihadists attack again. In yet another horrific and terrible bombing dozens were killed and injured. These attacks are terrible and everything must be done to bring an end to the terrorism.

As the prime minister of France has declared, “we are at war.” ISIS and other jihadist groups have attacked and threatened the world community. While the Belgian authorities are still frantically searching for the 3rd suspect in the Belgium bombings, the world community should be looking towards the future to what concrete actions can be taken in stopping the spread of the jihadist attacks, threats, and mind-set of ISIS. Yes, it is not easy to stop ISIS or it’s ideology, but something must be done.

Europe cannot live under the constant threat of terrorism. We should unite as a world community mobilizing organizations like the European Union and NATO in order to come up with a comprehensive, unified, and specific organization in order to put an end to the violence.

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